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Hi all,

It’s taken me a while to get round to writing this post! The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic, and now you find me on my ‘week off’ plan. (More on that later!)

So week 4 has definitely been the hardest for me, I found myself getting tired with the recipes and struggled with motivation. I was coming home from work with not a lot of energy to both smash a HIIT and make dinner as I was unable to prep the weeks’ meals over the weekend.

I struggled through on plan until Thursday and submitted my results. I lost 2.5kg (5.5 lbs) and lost 3.5 inches. I must say I was quite disappointed with the visual results and the inch loss. I’ve lost just under 2% fat which is great, but having seen other people’s transformations after 4 weeks, I thought that mine would me more dramatic. Or at least I hoped so, particularly as I followed the plan around 90% and stuck to the exercise 100%.

Anyways, onwards and upwards. As everyone says ‘trust the plan’ so that’s what I’ll have to do!


This week was the week I always knew I’d only stick by the plan about 50% or so. I had family coming to stay with us over the weekend for 3 days and had more than 3 social (eating) events with work and friends, so figured I’m just going to enjoy the meals and stick to 2 of the plan meals per day. For example if I was going out for lunch, I’d stick to plan for breakfast and dinner and if out for dinner, stick to plan for breakfast and lunch. I’ve done no HIIT exercises this week, I’ve felt my body really needed a rest. Instead I focused on getting my 10k steps per day and walking to and from the train station instead of getting the bus. I was fatigued and sore last week, and am feeling much better for it. I need to be 100% to take on the weights AND HIIT sessions of Cycle 2. I’ve heard they’re killer!

This week I’ve enjoyed wine, dessert, 3 course meals and some time off the exercise. Starting Monday, I’m back on it for Cycle 2. I have my plan through, it came in pretty quickly after submitting my Cycle 1 results. It looks very complicated, so I will spend some of this weekend trying to sift through it and make sense of it all! One thing I am looking forward to, is being able to mix and match between recipes and making my own meals based on my macros. I got pretty bored of the recipes by the end of week 4, so this should not only bring more variety into my meals, but also means I don’t have to spend as long following a recipe. There are also more carbs to eat in this cycle which I’m worried about, as Cycle 1 was pretty low on carbs, I’m worried about bloating, weight gain and how my body will handle it.

I’ll be back in a week or so with an update on how I’m getting on with Cycle 2!

Until then…

I x

3 thoughts on “BODYCOACH 90 DAY SSS PLAN – WEEK 4, CYCLE 1 (W4C1)

  1. How are you getting on with the plan and C2? I’m about to start C1 next week and I’ve found your round up posts inspiring. I hope you’re still doing it and don’t give up.

    Looking forward to your next update!

    1. Hi Heather,
      Thanks for your comment – it’s been really hard cycle 2 if I’m honest! I’ve had a busy social few weeks, parties, eating out, family staying over etc and was quite disappointed with my end of 1 cycle results. I think that knocked me back a little as I had seen some amazing transformations online!

      I’ve just started on cycle 2 after about 3 weeks on and off, so lets see how it goes! I’ve found it quite confusing food-wise, but am enjoying the weights 🙂

      Good luck with starting Cycle 1! Wishing you all the best 🙂

  2. Hi Ida

    Glad to hear you’re back on Cycle 2. I’m now on week 2 of the plan with encouraging lbs/inches lost. Sorry you were disappointed with the results at end of cycle 1. The transformations are impressive, but I guess we can’t all be like that – what a shame! Was it the lack of pounds or inches lost that disappointed you? I know I shouldn’t weigh myself, but I still do.

    My husband is also doing it (he has no choice, I said I wasn’t going to cook 2 different meals!) and he is also losing weight/inches. His comment was ‘I don’t understand how this works. How can you eat more food and still lose weight?’

    Keep going with it – healthy eating is good and so is exercise!!


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