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It’s no secret that I have struggled with my weight over recent years, having gained about 3 stone in as many years. Part of this I can put down to happiness lbs! I met my fiancé about 3.5 years ago, and my weight gain DOES directly correlate to meeting him! I put this down to all the date nights we have, we both love eating out and both love our food. However, we both also love our snacks and that’s where the problems started creeping in! Nothing better than Netflix and chill with a pizza and then some crips and fizzy drinks. I also realised I was basically matching him in portion size as well, splitting everything ‘fairly’ so pizza, garlic bread, just everything! There was problem 1.

Problem number 2 came with work. I was in a stressful job and not sleeping properly, which is a disaster for weight gain! You can read up on the links between the stress hormone cortisol and weight gain here. Consequently I would reach for comfort food as just that. My comfort. Junk, snacks, sweets the lot. And barely any exercise. I had been so good at training for and running the Manchester 10k last May, but then I got a little TOO into my running and injured my knee so couldn’t work out for while. That break was all I needed to slide back into bad habits. As result I piled on a further stone and a half and am now the heaviest I’ve ever been and quite honestly don’t feel good about myself. My skin is bad (and I’ve never really suffered from poor skin), I still sleep poorly, very lightly and late, probably because I’m wired on sugar, and I feel unfit and sluggish.

I talked about wanting to lose weight back in my ‘Body Image Struggles’ YouTube video last summer, and although my intentions were good, I realise I was wanting to lose weight for the wrong reasons. In the sense I was looking at it as a means to look good in a bikini on our honeymoon and then would quite probably post wedding and honeymoon, revert right back to the same bad habits of old.

I FINALLY realise that these changes need to be a lifestyle change. The way I’m going to live going forward for life. Not just for 6 months before the wedding. Or 9 months, or before another milestone, but for life.

Joe Wicks The Bodycoach

I had been following The Bodycoach on Instagram for about a year, watching his little Lean In 15 videos, reading about his philosophy and just taking it in, but not paying much attention. However, at the beginning of this year I decided I want to not only follow his books, spend the £149 buying into the 90 day SSS plan, and make this work for me. I’m the kind of person that needs structure and a plan or system to follow. I cannot trust myself to have the self-control to just say ‘cut back on’ x or y or z. Nope! I need to be given rules, and things I need to do and eat. I guess more of a formula. That’s just my personality! So I think this plan will work well for me.

I will be documenting my journey here on the blog, with a few mentions on my YouTube channel, and my Instagram page, but the main place where I will speak about this plan and my progress will be right here on the blog. My next first official post on the journey will be pre-starting, where I will explain what the plan is about and what I had to do to be ready to start!

I hope you’ll stay with me on this journey, and hopefully we’ll see some positive changes as we go with some sustainable results at the end!

Until next time!

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