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Hi all,
It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post, I’ve found it quite hard to be inspired to write and much easier to film for my YouTube channel instead. I think part of that is I’ve not been feeling great about myself! Mainly due to my diet, and severe lack of exercise! I’ve not been feeling motivated to work out, which is surprising as I threw myself so much into it over the summer and was running up to 8k some days! I haven’t been on a run for about 3 months now. Partly this is due to injuring my knees (probably through working out TOO hard)! It’s almost as if after making my ‘Body Image Struggles’ video, I lost motivation. Like I felt I did enough just sharing my difficulties, and challenge with you all, and that was it! Clearly not, I’ve gained about 3kg since I made the video, I’ve just eaten what I want, when I want and not exercised at ALL. I would say have eaten in excess! Too much sugar, too much fat, takeaways, desserts, the lot as and when I want them. That over 2-3 months is a disaster! I feel sluggish and tired, and can feel the weight gained on my clothes, not just the scales.




I’m going through an ‘unknown’ phase in my like if you like, which I think has contributed to my lack of motivation and possibly using food as a comfort. However, I’m glad to say I think I’ve reach the peak of this now – I’m very much aware that this is not good for me, for my physical or mental health.

SO I’m trying to be more conscious of what I’m eating at the moment. I’ve been reading up on a lot of health and fitness related things, and watching a lot of YouTube videos. (Watch Matt Cama – he’s amazing!) And basically I realise my main issue is food. What I take in. That is 70% of where weight loss will occur. So I need to focus my time and energy on eating real foods, whole foods, smaller portions and less on processed crap! I also realise I need to stop associating food with emotion. Something good happens, let me celebrate with cake and McDonalds! Something bad happens, let me drown my sorrows with chocolate and ice-cream. I’ve done 10,000 steps today, and have a good food day yesterday…let me celebrate with Chinese and a few Cosmopolitans in a can. You get the picture. I do enjoy a good balanced breakfast on occassion (as below), but mostly it’s toast, lots of butter and sweet condiment with a side of cheese!


Yes, so this is what I’m going to try hard to focus on at the moment. I think I also realised I went wrong by giving a target like bikini on honeymoon for weight loss. It’s not about that now, it’s about feeling better and looking better LONG TERM, not just for my holiday to Mexico, or my honeymoon. This has to be a lifestyle shift and mental shift, and long term habits formed. It’s an uphill struggle I tell you! Anyone who is going through weight loss struggles knows what I mean. The key thing to do is realise where you want to be, what you’re not happy about and want to change it. That’s where I am at the moment. I’m trying to improve my breakfast choices, starting the day on a good footing at least! That, and drinking a homemade Nutriblast (fruit based smoothie) as a snack if I’m hungry instead of food.




As promised, I said I would update you guys on the good and the bad of this struggle of mine. Unfortunately, my first update is a disappointing one – but onwards and upwards! Tomorrow is a new day. 🙂

Until next time!

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