AW16 Trend Watch: Velvet

AW16 Trend Watch: Velvet

The beginning of any new fashion season always fills me with such excitement! I love watching the runway videos and reading magazines for the round up of the seasons biggest trends. This is quite funny I suppose, as I wouldn’t describe myself as a massive trend follower. In the sense that I don’t wear top to toe new season trends, that I prefer to keep my style quite classic throughout each season, layering on a trends with one or two pieces that I feel work for me and my aesthetic.

This season one of the big trends for AW16 is velvet. Now I must confess velvet is not one of my favourite fabrics from an aesthetic point of view, though I do think crushed velvet can look quite luxe in dark rich colours. Another reason why velvet and I don’t have the best relationship is a bigger girl, it’s quite unforgiving in my opinion! It adds bulk to my frame and I always feel rather self conscious in it. That said, for some reason I’ve been drawn to this particular trend this season, so had to think of ways to incorporate it into my wardrobe without spending the world, and in a way that I would feel comfortable wearing. There are 3 ways in which I think I could achieve this. Through shoes/accessories, a skirt, either a midi pleated skirt or a mini skirt. As my bottom half is smaller than my top half, therefore any added ‘bulk’ will just balance out my proportions. Finally, a velvet kimono is the perfect way to finish off an outfit, be bang on trend but not have the added bulk of a velvet bomber or blazer.

I’ve rounded up a few options below of the above, which I think would be a great way of giving a nod to the velvet trend which is massive for AW16, in way that is comfortable and flattering for us ladies who feel a bit conscious wearing fabrics such as velvet or satin, those fabrics perceived to be a little more ‘unforgiving.’ I hope you find this helpful, and I will be back with more trend watch edits for AW16 very soon!

ASOS Velvet Pleated Midi Skirt
ASOS Velvet Pleated Mini Skirt
River Island Velvet Mini Skirt
Zara Velvet Loafers
Public Desire Velvet Perspex Heel Ankle Boots
River Island Velvet Heeled Sandals
Missguided Burnout Velvet Kimono
Abercrombie & Fitch Valerie Velvet Kimono
Rare London Velvet Fringe Kimono

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