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If you’ve watched my YouTube video on my body image struggles/new weight loss challenge, you will have seen I’m trying to embark on a new healthier lifestyle. Both for the sake of my health and weight, but also for the fact that I’d love to fit into a gorgeous bikini for the 1st time ever whilst on my honeymoon next year!

Now I love my food and am always going to be a girl that chooses buttered toast or a fry up for breakfast over anything else! However, I’m now learning that healthy doesn’t need to mean boring or tasteless which is something I’ve almost always equated healthy to mean.

I love pancakes, maple syrup and bacon for breakfast, so was looking for a healthier alternative to this when I came across Kayla Itsines recipe for chocolate and banana protein pancakes! I have been following Kayla for a while on Instagram and Facebook, I think her exercises and recipe ideas and general motivational chatter are great! I was keen to try the recipe with my new Mulitpower 100& Whey Chocolate Protein Powder kindly sent to me by the team.


I am always quite weary of protein powders as I have tasted some dodgy ones in my time! Some with an awful after taste or too sweet or artificial tasting. However, I must say this Mulitpower 100& Whey Chocolate Protein Powder is seriously on point! Not only does it taste delicious with no horrible after taste, it smells fantastic too! Really chocolatey and enticing! Not only that, but it a has high level of protein to help support lean definition and muscle growth, which is great as I am exercising as well as watching what I eat. As I’m trying to reduce my sugar and carb intake, whilst increasing my protein and healthy fat intake, this product is great as it’s low in carbs and sugar at only 1,5% Carbs and is a great post workout supplement.

It blended perfectly with the other ingredients in the recipe to create some seriously tasty chocolate protein pancakes, which I finished off with some fresh strawberries, a scoop of my favourite super thick 10% fat Greek yoghurt from Marks and Spencer and a dusting of sweetener.


Who says healthy has to be boring? Not me anymore!!
Until next time!

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