Travel – Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

Travel – Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2016

I’m back from a lovely long weekend in one of my favourite cities! I always forget just how much I love Edinburgh until I return. I was a student at Edinburgh University for 4 years, so hold fond memories of my time there and of the city and the people.

This time however, I was back from the annual Fringe Festival and nothing academic (thank God)! A group of my friends and I booked an AirBnB 5 bedroom, gorgeous flat within 15 minute walking distance to central Edinburgh, and all the shops of Princes Street. Incidentally it was located right back in near the ‘Marchmont’ neighbourhood I used to live in as a student!
Marchmont Edinburgh Not bad for student housing!

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a fantastic festival! A whole month of performance art featuring theatre, comedy, music, dance, circus, cabaret and much, much more! Niklas and I saw some fantastic performances, my favourite being comedian Ed Gamble. He was absolutely hilarious, and what made it even better was we had no idea what to expect as we’d never heard of him, or any of the other performers we saw!

Performances we saw:

James Acaster (Comedy)
Last Dream on Earth (Drama)
360 All Stars (Physical Theatre/Performance)
Hot Brown Honey (Theatre/Cabaret)
Kiri Pritchard McClean (Comedy)

We saw about 2 or 3 shows per day, some paid for and some free. The rest of our free time was spent enjoying good food and drink, shopping and exploring the city. I picked up a fabulous pair of vintage Levi’s in my favourite vintage store Armstrongs, and ate the BEST Guinness and chocolate loaf from Thomas J Walls coffee shop. Wonderful!

Thomas J Walls Coffee Shop Edinburgh
Thomas J Walls coffee shop Edinburgh

Edinburgh also holds a special place in our hearts as it’s where I took Niklas for his birthday in our first year together (pulling out all the stops early on I know)! During that trip 3 years back we went to a lovely Brazilian restaurant Boteco Do Brasil for dinner and had the best meal ever! So we made sure to re-visit on this trip! The food and drink did not disappoint!


Edinburgh is a beautiful city with gorgeous architecture. I’m no expert, but I do love walking the streets of the city marvelling at the beautiful buildings and monuments all around the city. If you have never been, I would definitely recommend a visit. You will not be disappointed!


Until next time!

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