L’Oreal Paris Make Up Review

L’Oreal Paris Make Up Review

If you follow me on Instagram, or Twitter you’ll know how excited I was about these new purchases of mine! I’ve been looking for a new drugstore foundation that I can rely on. I know that phrasing sounds funny, but you see I had fallen in love with the Superdrug B. Foundation range and bought 2 bottles before my shade was discontinued. I still can’t believe in this day and age we STILL have high street stores limiting make up colours and ranges to exclude women of colour! I was bitterly disappointed by this as the product itself was wonderful and affordable!

Once I’d dusted myself off and tended to my broken heart, I decided to make it a mission of mine to find an affordable foundation I could easily pick up on the high street, and not have to pay £20+ for! That’s when I came across L’Oreal True Match! Well, I tell a lie…although aware of the range, I only paid attention when I saw this product recently mentioned in Patricia Bright’s affordable face makeup tutorial. I thought the foundation looked flawless on her, and the colour match pretty spot on. As Patricia and I have a similar skin tone, I thought I’d give it a go!

I bought the True Match Foundation in colour 8N. ‘Cappuccino,’ the Infallible Mattifying Face Primer and the Volume Million Lashes Mascara in ‘Extra Black’ from Superdrug on a 3 for 2 offer. Each item was £9.99 individually but thankfully I effectively got one ‘free!’ As I am currently suffering from quite a shiny face, (not sure if this has something to do with turning 30, or just the summer), either way I figured trying out a primer would be a good idea as I’m yet to find one that I love, and that does the job it’s supposed to do! The words ‘mattifying’ drew me in, so I grabbed this and the mascara as I don’t wear false eyelashes on a day-to-day basis, any product that can accentuate my non-existent lashes is a winner in my books!

So, what’s my final verdict? I love, love, LOVE these products! The mascara, is great for a more natural look if you apply only one or two coats which is exactly what I was looking for. The colour is definitely extra black and the wand is great for separating out my lashes and isn’t clumpy at all which is a major problem for a lot of mascaras. The primer glides onto my face with a soft, velvet like feel and really feels like it’s smoothing out my skin, minimising my pores and preparing it for my foundation. I think I could use this primer alone with a CC cream and concealer for a ‘natural’ face look, as it provides such a great matte finish! Coupled with the foundation, it provides long lasting coverage all day, no shine at all, and finished off with a setting spray, I did not find my make-up slipping and sliding around my face at all! Finally, the foundation…well what can I say?! I absolutely love it! I’ve already bought my 2nd bottle (fear of it running out), the colour match to my skin is perfect. As a marker, I am a MAC NW45, and this foundation in colour 8N is just right. Not too warm and orange, not too cool. I was in shock! The consistency is also great, medium thickness. If you’ve checked out my previous post on my favourite lightweight summer foundations, you will know I’m not such a fan of foundation with a watery consistency. I prefer them on the thicker side as I like a medium to heavy coverage most of the year round. The product is easy to apply, buildable and lasts all day. I literally can’t get enough of it! And for £9.99 this rivals some of my more expensive foundations! I will definitely be recommending this foundation line to all who will listen! 🙂
It has become my new day-to-day foundation and I’m now looking forward to trying out more products from the L’Oreal Paris range after this overwhelmingly positive experience. My poor bank account!

The finished face:

Finished face L'Oreal Makeup

Hopefully you found this review helpful. If you have any product recommendations from L’Oreal Paris, do leave me a comment.
Until next time.

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