My Favourite Lightweight Summer Foundations

My Favourite Lightweight Summer Foundations

Hi all! It’s been a while since I’ve written a beauty specific post, and I thought I’d better get this post out whilst the summer is still here!

I used to wear a full face of make up during summer, and didn’t believe my mother or sister when they said I ought to let me skin breathe in the summer. I couldn’t imagine spending the entire season with no foundation! Pathetic I know!

So, I got about searching lightweight foundations to see whether there could be a middle ground for me as my usual go-to foundation MAC Studio Sculpt (NW45) is a medium to high coverage, thicker foundation.

1. Bodyshop Instaglow CC Cream (Warm Glow) – £14


I mentioned in my most recent favourites video that I was pleasantly surprised with this CC cream! CC creams are colour correcting creams with more coverage than BB creams and can be used like foundation. They effectively hide redness or dark circles and hyperpigmentation, and also have anti-ageing benefits. BB creams are blemish balms and act more like tinted moisturisers, to refresh, brighten, hydrate and smooth your complexion.

This Bodyshop Instaglow CC Cream is amazing! The consistency is thicker than my other lightweight foundations, but the result on my face is flawless and natural looking. Not too much product is needed to create a natural look, and used with my concealer, all my dark circles and blemishes are covered.

An added benefit is the SPF20 which is great for the summer months, although I do have dark skin, I still need to use sunscreen to protect myself! Always an added bonus when it’s already in my foundation! I have combination skin, which means my T-zone tends to be oily (midddle of face, nose, chin, and forehead), and using the CC cream didn’t irritate this area at all. My face isn’t shiny after use, (and I didn’t set this with powder) and the coverage lasts the day. At £14 I’m really happy with the Bodyshop Instaglow CC Cream and will defintely be re-purchasing this!

2. NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation (New Orleans) – £32


I had heard a lot about this NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation and seen a lot of my favourite YouTubers use this. So when I found myself in Sephora in Copenhagen (yes other countries actually have Sephora stores!) apart from running around like a kid in a sweet in a shop I made sure to pick this up. I felt like I could justify the cost as I was on ‘holiday.’ Haha! The colour the store assistant recommended for me was New Orleans, and although looks light on initial pump, actually blends perfectly to my skin. This foundation is definitely warmer in tone, just like the Bodyshop CC cream and is on par colour wise with MAC NW45 which is my shade. The consistency of the foundation is very watery! When you shake the bottle it sounds like water so this worried me at first! I thought I had a defective bottle! To use this foundation you must shake the bottle well before use as the packaging reminds you! I prefer to use a damp beauty blender or my fingers to apply this as opposed to a brush due to the very water consistency, and find it applies well, giving buildable medium to full coverage from only a couple of pumps. I would say less is more this foundation as you can definitely end up looking too cakey as it dries matte which is great for my combination only skin, although I did make sure to set this with banana powder and use a setting spray. Although it dries matte, it still manages to give a lovely radiant glow, and doesn’t budge during the day. I would say I could feel like I have foundation on my face with this product, unlike the CC cream, but I guess that is to be expected as this is a true foundation. Also note there is no SPF in this one, so I make sure to use a moisturiser with SPF in it! All in all, this NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation is a great go-to for the summer months!

3. MAC Face & Body Foundation (N9) – £22


I love this foundation! I first discovered MAC Face & Body Foundation when watching Shirley B. Eniang’s YouTube channel back in the day, and in one of her makeup tutorials she used this foundation and looked so flawless! I was a mission to own it myself (of course)! I was not disappointed! It’s the perfect lightweight foundation, again more runny in consistency and provides light coverage, is buildable and gives. That said, the coverage it provides is great paired with concealer and I can hardly feel it on my face it’s like a second skin! This foundation leaves my face with a nice glow, though I do find I need to set this foundation and also provide powder top ups during the day as it does tend to slide off my T-Zone. This is the perfect foundation if you have drier skin or want a foundation with minimum coverage for a really natural look.

4. Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation (Deep Bronze) – £34


Now this Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation this is featuring in my list purely to the gorgeous glow it gives my face! The formula is super silky and lightweight which is perfect the summer months however if you have oily skin beware as this foundation does tend to become oily throughout the day. Blotting paper and setting powder is definitely required! Again I find the best application is with a beauty blender to give the perfect dewy finish. My only negative with this foundation is the bottle. I really don’t like the applicator, it’s like a pipette which I think is cumbersome for a foundation and also feel a lot of product is lost within it. Otherwise, this Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation is perfect. Lightweight and dewy for the summer, giving flawless, buildable coverage, just don’t forget your SPF moisturiser as there is none in this foundation, and your blotting paper for sure!

I hope you found this useful. It’s funny how the least expensive product was actually my favourite! Goes to show spending lots of money isn’t everything!

Until next time!
I x

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