A Day In Regent’s Park In My Pyjamas…

A Day In Regent’s Park In My Pyjamas…

Hi all! I spent a lovely day in Regent’s park today with my other half, and best of all it was the hottest day of the year so far! Finally! 29 degrees and super sunny! I thought this the perfect opportunity to dust off my shorts which I haven’t worn for over a year! I love these hammered satin shorts from H&M, I’ve had them for ages and I love the way they flare out slightly, almost looking like a skirt. As I struggle with shorts riding up my thighs etc (sigh!), the lightweight flared nature of this pair is perfect for me! Coupled with my pyjama style shirt I picked up recently in the Zara sale and showed in my summer sales clothing haul, I thought the outfit worked pretty well. The shirt was super comfy and airy, perfect for the weather and draped so nicely, not clinging to any trouble areas!




I am not one to spend a lot on my summer wardrobe as we rarely get much of summer here, the odd scorching day here and there, but no real prolonged spells of hot weather so I can’t justify buying a whole new wardrobe for the season. The items I do buy tend to be at the cheaper end of the high street, or sale items mixed and matched with older pieces from my wardrobe. This outfit is a prime example of that. I picked up the floral pyjama shirt for £17.99 and the authentic suede bag for £15.99 from the Zara summer sale, the shoes are from Vero Moda at £35 (the most expensive item!) and the shorts I’ve had a over 2 years from H&M at no more than £19.99. I can also wear the shirt and bag throughout Autumn/Winter, so cost per wear is improved further!



Regent’s park itself is really lovely, and as one of the Royal Parks of London it is really beautiful, and houses London Zoo, another one of my favourite places! I had no idea how large the park is! As it was a weekday, it was pretty quiet, so plenty of sunbathing spots available! I love animals, so enjoyed watching the ducks and seeing the dogs running around. It was so lovely just to be able to relax and enjoy the sun all afternoon. I must admit we were catching Pokemon as we walked around, which is possibly why the 11,000 step mark was passed!!


Regent's Park Flowers

I would definitely recommend a trip to Regent’s park if you get the chance. Quieter than the more popular Hyde Park, but arguably more beautiful. There is also lots to see and do there including the Open Air Theatre, riding pedal boats on the lake, and making use of the sporting hub. Or you can just do what I did. Lay a blanket down in the sun, lie back and soak it all in!

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