Boots False Nails –  My £5.50 Beauty Secret!

Boots False Nails – My £5.50 Beauty Secret!

It’s no secret that I love all things fashion and beauty! I think it’s really key to make sure all elements of your look are complete and this includes nails both on your hands and feet for a super polished look.

That said, I’m not one to try out a lot of new trends when it comes to nail grooming. I’ve never had gel nails, acrylics or shellac nails. I tend to stick with that I know! My natural nails are nothing to write home about, so short and stubby due to years of biting them. Definitely not an acceptable accompaniment to any outfits!

Due to this, I use false nails to create my groomed look on my figners. The particular brand I use is nothing too fancy and very affordable. I use the Boots own brand false nail set with glue. These are £5.50 and last me a month, when I reapply the nails after 2 weeks or so. For my overseas readers, I’m sure similar kits can be found in any drugstore accessible to you.

My favourite colour to wear is raspberry, it’s a deep red/burgundy which I think suits my skin tone nicely. There are other colours available, as well as French manicure style. I’d definitely like to try the Oxblood and Mushroom colours, and the Coral would be perfect for summer! Super bright and fun!

Boots nails applied

Application is really easy. Each nail has a small number on the inside of the nail. Size 0 is the largest size and size 9 the smallest, with a couple of half sizes in between. What I look for when sizing my nails is to make sure the entire natural nail is covered but still looks natural. If the nail is too small, the sides of your natural nail will show, and if the nail is too big it will go over your natural nail size and look too big. This will be obvious to see. As a guideline, below are the sizes I use on my hands:

Thumbs: Size 2
Index finger: Size 5.5
Middle finger: Size 4
Fourth finger: Size 5
Little finger: Size 8

I gather together the sizes I need for my hands and start completing one hand at a time, beginning with my thumb. I apply a 2 small drops of glue to the back of the nail, spread the glue and ensure the entire back surface is covered and press down onto my natural nail. I then use the white suction stick that comes with the pack to press down on the nail further, ensuring it is stuck down and secure. I follow this same method for both hands, taking the time to be slow and ensure no glue gets on the top of the nails. They are lovely and glossy so glue marks on the top totally ruins the look, and is also really hard to remove. If this does happen to you though, you can remove marks with some nail polish remover to limit the damage, but try to do this as quickly as possible.

Once application is done, I save the remaining nails and carry the glue in my handbag, in case I feel any of the nails coming loose over the next couple of weeks.

That there is my affordable beauty secret. I always get compliments on my nails and now you know the secret behind them! Click on my YouTube channel for a step by step video of how to apply these nails.

Until next time.
I x

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